Aleksandr Shabadey
Alexandr Shabadey
Alexandr Shabadey is a bright representative of the classical Crimean school of painting with an individual and recognizable handwriting. He is called one of the most interesting contemporary Crimean artists, possessing the rare gift of "seeing the invisible", turning ordinary objects into something new. The artist's creativity is characterized by a love of color, sunshine of Crimean impressionism and at the same time the traditionalism of realistic painting.

The compositions of his works are laconic, sometimes expressive, the space is created by color and plasticity of a picturesque texture.
Artworks Aleksandr Shabadey
In landscape painting, the artist subtly feels and conveys the harmony of color combinations, the richness and romanticism of sea space, the mystery and organic nature of the Crimean streets. His still lifes combine complex combinations of colors and amazing plasticity of forms, he plays with the effects of light and shadow, he is fluent in various artistic techniques.