Anton Gudzykevych
The Catcher of the Positivity
To give the mood to the spectator, to render all the beauty of the moment in a picture
The preparation for a new canvas and a new plot is very important for me. And it is not about attempts of conceptual overload of the picture. First of all I am looking for the mood, try to capture the state that I consider the most appropriate at the particular moment. And then I find the colour and compositional solutions for the manifestation of the emotional signal on the canvas. I don't oppose myself to the spectator, who often does not have enough time for unraveling the mazes of conceptual art, but try to facilitate a dialogue and make the accent on rendering the true sentiment of the moment: watching an airplane takeoff, or a drifting yacht, enjoy the beauty of a warm coast having forgotten of troubles and worries that fill our life. And this is not an escape from problems, but rather a meditation that is meant to charge us with energy for further movement.
Anton Gudzykevych
Anton Gudzykevych
The artist has already proven the essentiality of his oeuvre. His works have been on display at numerous exhibitions in Ukraine, Russia, Western Europe and China.

During the recent years the author has been successfully sharing his new projects in Spain and is inviting you to his studio gallery in Teulada on the coast of Costa Blanca.
Artworks by Anton Gudzykevych
Passion to the sea. Yachts.
Get submerged into the artistic space of the series of paintings dedicated to the passionate love to the sea, the taste of enveloping sea breeze, speed and adventure. Or get absorbed in meditation under the sounds of birds and the lapping of waves. This is the manifest of life full of emotions and light. Joyful tints of bright azure, silver and blue expanses, dazzling sun, and freshening splashes create an incredible ebergetic product. Fill your life space with favourite sensations.
It is a project about water in its native form – just the world of water: its laws, colours and sounds. Water as perception and as the sensation of the eternity and depth, something incredible, immeasurable, strong and tender, and with no doubt perfect. It is full of endless energy, divine harmony, the force of thought. To be under water, to immerse into meditation, to feel deep emotions, simultaneous seclusion and mergence with the Universe.
Philosophy of landscape
Landscapes, nature and the joy of life – this is the soil in which emotions grow. They emerge from a flow of continuous observations; create the reality on a canvas with bright colours full of light and energy.

Submerging into the artistic language of expression, encouraging the spectator to open his eyes wide and get absorbed in active contemplation, look at the transparent sky, or glide over the sea as a bird, or sail crossing the waves, greet the Sun and watch it set into a new day, into new impressions.

All those are the starting points to dreams, desired trips, nice weekends, and positive moments when sometimes the speed strikes the limit and we stop in order to watch the magical moment where the time disappears. There are no hidden senses here, or attempts to complicate the simple. It is just about breathing in the lungful of life and creating.
Mediterranean life
This is what unites us, the love to the Mediterranean — a whole world of warmness, tenderness of the sun, comfort and freedom, generous sea and fertile earth, water entertainments and complete relax. The canvases by Anton Gudzykevych will give you the joy of life and the delight of every moment spent here, on Mediterranean coast.
Overcoming "the speed of colour"
Pavel Khleboskii, art expert
There are artists who do not lose their youthful spirit with years, there artists who write almost as real southerners – they probably deserve attention. But we deal with a painter in the phase of artistic experiment, whose really young blood is literally permeated with real Crimean light. Here and now the entire might of lively clear colour is concentrated on the canvases by Anton Gudzykevych.

Splashing courageously the entire range of professional techniques of academic art on the scorched soil of the southern nature, the artist turns the boiling steam of creativity into pictures and tempts the spectator to join him in looking without squinting straight at the dazzling element of colour. Anton's method is not in imitating the plausibility of bright radiance through the sunglasses effect, thus sparing the imperfectness of our eyes. His luck is finding the compositions of such contrasting colour combinations that render the true tension of natural wave energies that are transferred from the internal vibrations of the canvas into the body shivering. The collision of colour spots thus tends to deform the depiction surface in such a way that the order and intensity of the "emotional flashes of perception" in the zones of compositional tension creates a sort of chain reaction. Like an avalanche one stream covers the second one, while the third one, as a tsunami at the peak of the amplitude, washes away the previous streams. Shifting the gaze from colour to colour as in a dance on scorched sand is going on at the edge of self-inflaming of the form.

It is only possible to hide from these extreme colour overdrives in the shade of familiarity with the plot or the motive: the view of secluded beaches brings back a forgotten taste of a kiss from some "previous" life; ringing crackle of dry grass argues with the sound of storming waves; magnificent peace of the endless firmament is carved by jet streams of silver airplanes; tempting eternity of the airy blueness accepts tenderly carefree balloons; underneath ripe bunches of grapes filled with warmth are hanging playfully; "fried" silhouettes of figures on the sweltering background of sunset seem to hasten the already fast time with their dynamic forms; and the thunderstorm over foothill village is concentrating its waters to wash away the colours of yesterday, because today brought the new, richer ones.

And all this happens by itself, as if without much effort. Probably in his best works the artist uses the energetically capacious painting techniques that enable him to concentrate the emotions in a sort of fuel containers on the borders of conjunction of contrasting brave colours. The emerging elasticity of the canvas surface seems to speed up the light reflecting it from the paint, and makes it overcome the colour barrier and shoot into space in such a way that a ray is not pigmented with colour, but beats the colour as such out of the picture. Then the nourishing energy of creativity is able to ignite itself at any moment in vivifying flame.

Anton Gudzykevych "skims" the bright impressions and shares it all. Influenced by this catalyst we get rid of the ballast of past worries and easily follow headlong the colour that lures us.