Dear Karl-Heinz Gericke,
Thank you for choosing us! We send you a payment form for the order of the original artwork Summer vibes by artist Anton Gudzykevych. The first installment is 30%, immediately after payment the autor will begin to work. We confirm that artwork will be finished around 20 of January 2020. When the artwork will be finished we will communicate you for complete payment.
After that we will send you the artwork to the specified address, normally it takes 10 days. The whole price of the artwork and shipping service included is 2500 euros.
Anton Gudzykevych
Summer vibes
Order confirmation 30 % of total price 2500 shipping includded
180x150 cm
acrylic canvas
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Sending a request payment for the artwork is not charged, you can confirm the operation only after processing the request and clarifying the delivery form.