Mariia Zhurykova
Girls and women – the whole world, I'm inspired in my work of these years by the immense wealth of inner content, individuality and external beauty, I always have something to say in my favorite language of colors and lines. My way wide, but the line in it is the line of the female body. This is my conversation between painting, life and spectator.
Mariia Zhurykova
Mariia Zhurykova
Mariia Zhurykova was born in Russia in 1988, in early childhood she moved to Ukraine. After graduating from the National Academy of Arts and Architecture in Kiev in 2005 she started cooperating with Art-Yug gallery in Yalta. The works of this period are strongly influenced by Ukrainian academic school and Crimean tradition.

In 2015 she moved to Spain in order to broaden her career in the arts field at the Polytechnic University of Valencia. Together with her husband, an artist Anton Gudzykevych she worked at Gudzgallery art studio at El Campello, creating both own pieces of art and joint projects. In May 2018 Maria's personal exhibition named Color. Linea. Mujer took place in the Centre of Arts of El Campello. The Spanish period is marked with changes in the expressive style. It has become more abstract and gained a projective character. As Maria has always had artistic interest in portraits and depicting human body, the works of recent years are dedicated to female body and have two artistic lines – realistic and abstract. Currently Maria is continuing her artistic work at Gudzgallery in Javea.

Artworks by Mariia Zhurykova
Body line. Abstraction
Bright colors and expresive lines, contrasting textures of picturesque and graphic materials, red, yellow, blue, color combinations, graphics, coal and sanguine, black, white and gold, and, of course, the female body in the center of the topic, the search and implementation of creative ideas underlie this series work on which Mariia continues to work actively.

The viewer will find here the spirit of creation, the mood of the moment of creation and creativity, structures, talking about eternal matters - light, earth, air, water, time. This is a story about life, enjoying the language of oil and acrylic painting.

"I cannot resist between the abstraction and figurative painting, Each language gives different possibilities of expression, I don´t divide them, but I rely base on graphic materiality of the first and information possibilities of the second,which give codes for contact with the viewer, as keys for mental dialogue between painting and reality. Project Building of light and earth represents current search in art, in abstract works, where the main structure is square, rectangle, so I think the space in oil painting, and, on the contrary, acryl allows working with fluidity of forms and decorative colors."
Goddesses. Metamorphoses

A series of 10 works inspired by Greek-Roman mythology and Ovid's Metamorphoses is a view through the filter of the present on a cycle of stormy, unique and endless reincarnations woven the canvas of being, creating a specific mythological perception and at the same time universal understanding of the world.

The theme is depicted by way of a decorative approach through stylized image of mythological goddesses without interfering with the plot and narration.

This is just like a touch on the culture of the past, as an echo of the huge system of understanding of the world in a simple modern image.
Freedom of Beauty
Portraits of modern girls - youth and colors on bright pictures about modernity, simple and easy.
Listen and contemplate body music, enjoy the expressivity of lines and colors, as a continuation of the inner world, to feel the harmony of the moment.
Calm and energy fill the female images of this series of paintings.

Observe and contemplate beauty in its original form, creating subtle individual images, external, as a continuation of the inner world, free, rich and varied, calm or energetic, quiet or rebellious, harmonious or seeking, where will you find consonance for yourself?